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Looking to Start Investing? Time to Get Educated

by Stock Cross | Jun 01, 2015

Investing a piece of their personal wealth is one of the best ways a person can achieve financial flexibility and stability. But in order to succeed in the world of investing, a person needs to know how it works. Here at StockCross, our mission is to help empower people to make sound financial investment decisions, and that means providing them with the tools and resources they need to have a sound investment education.

What makes up a full education in investing? In order to take their financial future into their own hands, new investors need to study and understand the following:

  • Independent third-party research – There are a lot of financial advisors, stock market gurus, and investment advising sites on the web, and all of them are begging you to listen to what they have to say about which stocks you should buy, which investment strategies you should follow, and which companies are the greatest investments to ever hit the market. But how do you know their advice is good? How do you know which investments you can trust? The world of financial advice is littered with bad tips, biased advisors, and advice that is as misguided as it is confident. Getting a proper start in investing means finding third-party research and resources that are reliable and which give would-be investors a proper education in the world of investment.
  • Learning to read trends – To a newcomer, the ups and downs of the stock market can seem like a random cycle that's impossible to predict, and that putting down money is a bet for which the outcome is impossible to predict. But by researching and learning to read long and short-term trends for both individual companies and sectors of the market, it is possible to predict stock and other investment performance. While no-one can predict the market with complete accuracy, skilled investors do far more than rely on blind faith; they make educated plays. That can involve some trial and error, but, more than that, it involves developing market literacy.
  • Understanding terminology – The world of investing is full of acronyms, terminology, jargon, and other strange words and terms that can seem like a foreign language to the uninitiated. If you don't know the difference between an ABO and an ACAT, you will have a very difficult time understanding the higher level literature and resources that give investors deeper insight into the market than beginners' guides and basic starters kits. It is possible to rely on brokers and financial advisors, and still invest successfully, but for those who want to control their own investing destiny, finding a comprehensive guide that will teach them the terms the investing world runs on is a necessity. Those who understand the industry by understanding its terminology (and, thus, the way it works) have more power and control over how their money is invested, and can therefore make more educated decisions and better determine which investments are right for them.
  • Mastering timing – There is an art to executing a buy, sell, rollover, or reallocation efficiently and effectively, and it's something that smart investors need to be able to do at any time. Learning to read the markets and make accurate predictions is only half the battle; investors need to know how to act on their knowledge in a timely manner. Understanding the ins and outs of how trades, purchases, and other investment moves are made is just as crucial a skill as any other part of investment education.

If educated investing were easy, everyone would be doing it. But that doesn't mean that educating yourself on the ways of investing has to be impossible. With the resources and guides provided here at StockCross, becoming an educated investor is closer at hand than ever. Learn more by speaking with one of our investment advisors today at 800-225-6196.


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  16. 1 Josiane Magnoux 26 Jun
    Hello, I am interrested by the education proposed on the june newsletter. I just called the 800-225-6196, selected Customer Service but nobody is picking the phone. Could you please tel me more about the offer? Thanks and regards


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