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StockCross SELECT Separate Account Program

Great minds do not need to think alike – they just need to work together for you.

StockCross SELECT1 offers our premiere Separate Account Program that provides you with direct access to the expertise of carefully selected institutional asset managers. You enjoy direct ownership of the securities in the managed portfolio. This approach allows for greater flexibility, more control, and tax advantages over many other investment vehicles.

With the SELECT Separate Account Program, you benefit from a long-term, customized, goals-driven approach to investment planning.

Key Features

Professional Asset Management
Benefit from the knowledge and expertise of institutional asset managers.

A Personalized Investment Plan
Your SELECT Investment Advisor can adjust your portfolio based upon your goals, timeline and strategy2. This might include making sure existing securities do not overlap, or restricting the purchase of securities you do not want to own.

Tax Efficiency
With direct ownership of the securities in your portfolio, you, the selected money managers, and your StockCross Investment Advisor can actively manage for tax implications.

  • Each security transaction has a separate cost basis, so capital gains and losses can be recognized as necessary to mitigate tax impact.
  • Always consult your professional tax advisor or accountant. This is not a substitute for professional tax advice.

The Investment Process

Your SELECT Investment Advisor Representative will lead you through a four-step investment process designed to help you achieve your long-term goals.

Step One: Identify Goals and Objectives
Define your tolerance for risk, the time frame for your investments, and outlook for future financial needs.

Step Two: Determine Asset Allocation Policy
Asset allocation involves more than just calculating the right blend of stocks, bonds, and cash in a portfolio. Discuss your options, weigh potential risk and rewards, and diversify3 your portfolio to steadily work toward your investment goals across market conditions.

Step Three: Find Your Asset Managers
With your strategy in place, set it into motion by finding the asset managers whose expertise and specialized counsel best suit your needs. Your dedicated SELECT Investment Advisor Representative will make the introductions, discuss their recommendations and implement the actions that meet with your approval4.

Step Four: Ongoing Portfolio Monitoring and Rebalancing
Ride out the daily twists and turns of the market by reviewing the overall performance of your investments against the timeframe and strategy you have set.

Market conditions, contributions to the account, and other factors may cause the allocations to fall outside the targets originally set for the portfolio. If this happens, one or more of the money managers may rebalance the portfolio to bring allocations back within the desired range based upon the investment strategy you agreed to with your StockCross Investment Advisor.

1 StockCross SELECT, powered by National Financial Services, utilizes constantly updated research tools and state-of-the-art transaction technology to provide customers with one of the industry's most powerful asset management solutions

2 Diversification does not guarantee against a loss.

3 Diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss.

4 After reviewing your needs with your investment advisor, you will receive an investment proposal detailing your investments and goals. This document should be thoroughly reviewed and understood prior to investing.

The Asset Managers

Institutional Investment Management for Individual Investors
StockCross SELECT, through Envestnet, screens more than 5,000 investment management professionals to find the select few who are represented in the program.

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