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“StockCross is a true partner to their clients.  Our top priority is to help you achieve your goals.  Whether as a Corporate Client or Individual Investor, we go above and beyond to ensure complete satisfaction.”

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Life Events

Investing is not a Sprint; Prepare to Go the Distance

No two investors are alike because no two investors share the same goals or start from the same place. For every destination, there are many paths to choose. As your life unfolds, StockCross provides the expertise, resources and investment strategies to help you prioritize your obligations and to design a plan to help you arrive at your destination.

Changing Jobs

A new job is about moving forward and making a fresh start, so why leave your retirement assets in the hands of your former employer? StockCross investment specialists can evaluate the performance of your current allocation to help you make necessary adjustments when transferring funds into your StockCross portfolio. To get started, download the appropriate Retirement Forms.

If you have stock options from your former or current employer, StockCross Employee Stock Plan experts can help you take immediate action or make decisions and plans for your future.

Getting Married

You and your spouse will bring many things into your marriage – including a variety of bank accounts, retirement plans, inheritances and other assets. Once your financial house is in order, you can embark on new goals, such as buying a house, preparing to have children and planning for retirement. Visit our Account Packages page to move forward with the many investment options and account types available to you.

Having a Child

Your bundle of joy brings along a bundle of new financial considerations. Extra cash is often needed to decorate a nursery and provide for the baby's health, education, and future well-being. Here at StockCross, we offer FREE trades on Educational Accounts for the life* of the account.  Open a Custodial Account or an Educational Coverdell. *The life of the account ends once the minor is of legal age depending on their current state of residence. Once the minor is of age an Individual account should be established.

Paying for Education

Before your child graduates from diapers, you should be planning to meet their education expenses: from baby sitters and day care to private school, college and graduate education. Educated financial decisions today can fund your child's tuition tomorrow. In addition, all educational accounts at StockCross receive FREE stock trades for the life of the account. StockCross has a variety of options to consider, from traditional Uniform Gift to Minor Accounts, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts and family trusts.
Education Chart
Source: CNN Money Article by Annalyn Censky, June 13th, 2011


Retirement leaves plenty of time to travel the world and see your family, but it also extends the years you will live without a paycheck. StockCross can help diversify your portfolio to help manage risk as you countdown to retirement. After you reach the first day of the rest of your life, we can carefully stagger retirement account distributions or payments from other accounts with the goal of limiting tax liability while keeping your assets safe and growing. To get started, download the appropriate Retirement Forms.

Planning Your Estate

You can provide for your loved ones after you are gone by making a few smart decisions now. As people enter or exit your life, be sure to update your IRA beneficiaries' list on You can also control disbursements to prevent heirs from spending their money too quickly or pay educational costs directly to the intended institution. Once a plan is in place, StockCross can help you evaluate and adjust key components as your situation changes. Estate form packages can be found on the Account Packages page.

Knowing Your Tax Circumstances

It is important to know that StockCross Financial Services does not provide tax or legal advice. The different planning scenarios are not intended to be used and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed by law. Please seek advice based on your particular tax circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

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