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“My proudest moments are when clients refer family members or friends - that validates the service I provide.” 

Kamyar Kashfi
Managing Director – Investments
20 years industry experience


March/April 2016 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Thank You but I'll Stick with Warren Buffet
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

February 2016 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Correction, It Was A Bear Market!
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

January 2016 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Rocky Road
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

November/December 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Reminiscences of a Bond Operator
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

October 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Omaha
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

September 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Time to Stop Timing the Market
Written by: Brian K. McRae

July/August 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Getting Back to Normal
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

June 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Electronics
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

May 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Is It Time to Go to Europe?
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

April 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Anyone Can Invest
Written by: Peter Cunningham

March 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Long And The Short Of It
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

February 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Volatility
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

January 2015 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: New Year's Resolutions
Written by: Peter Cunningham

December 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: What's Good For The Goose Is Good For The Gander
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

November 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Midterm
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

October 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Flu-like Symptoms? It's Probably The Flu
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

September 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Dynamic
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

August 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Elusive Correction
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

July 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Not So Different?
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

June 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Only Thing We Have To Fear...
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

May 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: "A Second Opinion"
Written by: Peter E. Cunningham & Jacqueline Collins

April 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Perspective
Written by: Steven H. Weiss

March 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Happy Birthday!
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

February 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: 2013 Year In Review
Written by: Peter E. Cunningham & Jacqueline Collins

Dec./Jan. 2014 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been!
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

November 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Do You Remember 'The Lost Decade'?
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

October 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Obamacare & The Economy
Written by: Peter E. Cunningham

September 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Giving Back to Our Communities
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

August 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Bond Market: What's Happening Now & What Does This Mean for You?
Written by: Peter E. Cunningham & Ralph Valencia

July 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: It's Just Math
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

June 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Chicken ... It's What's for Dinner!
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

May 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Sometimes, The Best Defense is a Good Offense
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

April 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Global / BRIC Investing
Written by: Kirk Tassell & Dan Novotny

March 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Tax Season is Back!
Written by: Bradley Poock

February 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Dow 14000. S&P 1500. Buy, Sell or Hold? Answer: YES 
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

January 2013 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Next "Wall of Worry" 
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

December 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Bond Swap Is Back... But for a different reason this time!
Written by: David Bender

November 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: October Surprises, Black Mondays & Such Things
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi

October 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Structured CDs
Written by: Bruce Galbraith

August 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The 'Next Microsoft'
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi 

July 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Stocks? Bonds? Cash? Which is best?
Written by: Kamyar Kashfi 

June 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Investing for your Financial Goals
Written by: Dan Novotny

April/May 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: Sell in May and go away? 
Written by: Kirk F. Tassell

March 2012 StockCross Newsletter
Topic: The Dow Hits 13,000
Written by: The Beverly Hills Wealth Group

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